Jean Marie Ip Soo Ching

“In my 30 years of driving and owing cars, I have not met a mechanic as highly skilled, knowledgeable and customer focused as Harrison at Euro star Diesel. Harrison fixed the air conditioner in my Mercedes Benz Viano van which 3 previous mechanics, including a Mercedes Benz specialist could not repair. The problem with the air conditioner compressor was extremely rare that engine diagnosis computers could not detect. Harrison used his intuition, knowledge and patience to isolate the problem which was an intermittent solenoid that was undetectable with engine diagnosis computers. A slight application and release of pressure with a finger would enable or disable the air compressor. Harrison managed to locate and fixed the problem. Throughout the entire repair process, Harrison provided detailed technical information and reassurance that the repair cost would not be out of control.

I would recommend any Vito, Viano, Valente, Sprinter and V class van owners to have their vehicles repaired at Eurostar Diesel.”

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