Mercedes SRS Warning Light and Systems

Mercedes Benz SRS Warning Light and Systems

If you have an SRS warning light on your Mercedes Sprinter or Vito, you may be wondering exactly what it is. The SRS light will appear in the gauge cluster when first starting your vehicle, but will disappear once the appropriate checks are made to ensure it is working. If the SRS light stays on once you start driving, you must visit a workshop such as Eurostar Diesels.

SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint Systems – and is a Mercedes specific term. The Mercedes-Benz SRS system is essentially related to the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners fitted to your Sprinter or Vito.

They are known as a Supplemental Restraint System as they are safety features that work in tandem with existing safety features on the vehicle like the seat belts themselves. In the event of a collision, the SRS system will activate and depending on size of the impact will depend on what SRS system will deploy.

Seatbelt Pretensioners will fire to hold your entire body in your seat, reducing harm and potential whiplash. Similarly, the front or side airbags will deploy depending on what size, speed and side of impact.

Based on this information, Eurostar Diesels highly recommends that you have an SRS Warning Light attended to as soon as possible if it does not turn off after a few seconds of driving. This warning light indicates that there is a problem with the SRS system, and may mean that the system will not operate correctly in the event of a crash – something that is potentially life saving.


If your vehicle has an SRS light on the dash the whole time you a driving, your SRS system will not function correctly if you are in an accident.

Similarly, if it intermittently turns on and off depending on seat belts being plugged in, a cycle of the key or a change in driving conditions, it is best to have the SRS systems inspected by Eurostar Diesels.

Eurostar Diesels have the latest in Mercedes Diagnostic Equipment, and highly experienced Mercedes Mechanics, who can quickly and efficiently diagnose any small or large issue with an SRS system in a Mercedes Sprinter, Vito or Passenger Car. Simply book an appointment or get in contact with us today to ensure your continued safety while driving.