Service Parts


At Eurostar Diesels we are able to offer our customers the following types of parts:

  • Genuine Mercedes Parts.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Parts made to the same standard as genuine and by the same manufacturer. This is the preferred part that Eurostar Diesels use due to the high quality and low price of OEM parts.
  • Remanufactured parts including engines and transmissions.
  • Second hand used parts.

The choice of parts may be determined by:

  • Owner’s budget.
  • The type of work performed – service items such as filters should be OEM or Genuine, especially if the vehicle is under warranty.
  • The age of the vehicle – second hand or reconditioned parts may be a very good option for older vehicles.
  • The function of the part – second hand parts should never be used for safety items such as brakes but may be OK for non critical parts such as interior trims, engine auxiliaries etc.

At Eurostar Diesels we keep a full range of all options giving the owner the best possible choice according to their needs.


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