Service Parts


At Eurostar Diesels we are able to offer our customers four options for part sourcing:

  • Genuine Mercedes or other vehicle manufacturer.
  • OEM (Original Vehicle Manufacturer). Parts made to the same standard as genuine and by the same manufacturer.
  • Remanufactured parts including engines and transmissions.
  • Second hand used parts.

The choice of parts may be determined by:

  • Customer’s budget.
  • The type of work performed – service items such as filters should be genuine if the vehicle is under warranty or OEM for older vehicles.
  • The age of the vehicle – second hand or reconditioned parts may be a very good option for older vehicles.
  • The function of the part – second hand parts should never be used for safety items such as brakes but may be OK for non critical parts such as interior trims, engine auxiliaries etc.

At Eurostar Diesels we keep a full range of all options giving the customer the best possible choice according to their needs.

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

If you’re in the market for Mercedes Sprinter van parts, Eurostar Diesels is here to help! Amongst our range of flexible services, we offer mechanical repairs, old car removals, cash for cars, used parts and many more! For a number of years, our team has dedicated to learning everything about how a Mercedes Benz works – with a particular focus on the Sprinter and Vito. We offer premium on-site repairs and maintenance in our fully-equipped service centre. Aside from being qualified wreckers, our team are more than capable of dismantling your old Sprinter or Vito and strip them of working parts which are cleaned, tested and then subject to a rigorous reconditioning process before we sell or install them in the cars and vans of our other clients. We supply and fit new, used and reconditioned parts – from gearboxes to engines, fuel injection pumps to brakes, disc rotors… the list goes on!

Mercedes Vito Parts

You can be sure that all parts we use are 100% genuine – we wouldn’t want anything but the best for your Sprinter or Vito! We understand that manufacturer-certified parts will keep your car running in tip-top condition so you can enjoy a smooth ride for years to come. We also suggest bringing your Mercedes in for regular servicing and maintenance to identify any current or potential problems that may arise in the future. We recommend this because many of our clients use Mercedes Vito and Sprinter vans for business purposes; a breakdown could cause a potential loss of business or revenue. Seek out the problems before they happen with the top-quality services from Eurostar Diesels! If you’ve got a broken Vito or Sprinter gathering dust in your garage, give us a call today – we’re a qualified Mercedes Wrecker! Not only will we drive to your property and pick up your old van hassle-free, but we’ll even give you top market value for your vehicle. So if you’re looking Mercedes Sprinter or Vito van parts, give us a call at Eurostar Diesels today on (03) 8795 7997!


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