Eurostar Diesels offer a complete range of service options from Express Service, while you wait, to Mercedes Log Book A and B Services. We service all makes and models. All work is quoted before we begin giving the customer peace of mind.

Express Service
  • Includes Engine Oil & Oil Filter (up to 11 litres).
  • Safety Inspection & Written Report.
  • While you wait.
Maintenance Service A
  • Fuch’s Synthetic Engine oil and filter change
  • Check interior/exterior lights, test horn and windshield wiper/wash functions.
  • Tighten door checks/lubricate doors and hood hinges/catches etc.
  • Inspect tyre condition, rotate if applicable. Check/adjust tire pressures and torque wheels.
  • Check and adjust levels of coolant, brake, power steering, transmission, differential and washer fluids.
  • Check condition of poly V-belt.
  • Check condition of all hoses.
  • Check condition of brake pads and brake rotors.
  • Inspection of vehicle for leaks: engine, transmission, steering, cooling, and differential.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Inspect seat belts for proper operation.
  • Check and clear fault codes.
  • Reset maintenance computer.
  • Carry out road test on vehicle.
Maintenance Service B Includes all items listed on Service A, PLUS:
  • Check headlamp adjustment; correct if necessary.
  • Replace wiper blades.
  • Replace air cleaner element.
  • Replace cabin filter if required.
  • Perform complete charging system and battery test.
  • Replace fuel filter.
  • Glow plug service if required.
  • Adjust parking brake.
  • Check front axle and steering components.
  • Check vehicle under body and driveline.


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