Eurostar Major Service


Eurostar Major Service Package

We offer a major service package including changing all service items. Great for when you are going on a long trip or if you have purchased a second hand vehicle and want to know that everything is fresh.

We use quality parts and lubricants including products that are OEM – Original Equipment Suppliers to Mercedes Benz. This means these parts are the same as the original parts but come without the Mercedes price tag – saving you money!

This service package represents a $300 saving over having these items serviced individually.

Eurostar Major Service for Mercedes VanPrice
Sprinter 2000 – 2006 / Vito 2000 – 2004$895
Sprinter 2006 – 2018 / Vito 2004 – 2015$975
Sprinter 2019 – onwards / Vito 2015 – onwards$995


  • Digital vehicle inspection and report.
  • Engine oil and filter change using Mercedes specification engine oil and oil filter.
  • Engine Air Filter replacement using OEM grade filter
  • Cabin Air Filter replacement using OEM grade filter
  • Diesel Fuel filter replacement using OEM grade filter
  • Windscreen Wiper Blade replacement using OEM grade blades
  • Coolant fluid flush using OEM grade coolant
  • Brake fluid flush using OEM grade brake fluid
  • Comprehensive vehicle safety check including brakes, lights, suspension and underbody.
  • Adjust handbrake.
  • Check battery and charging system.
  • Lubricate moving parts where necessary.
  • Check tyre pressures and rotate if necessary.
  • Check interior including air conditioning and heating.
  • Road test.


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