Mercedes Van Major Service

Mercedes Van Major Service Package

The Major service package is unique to Eurostar Diesels which includes Mercedes Sprinter Service and Mercedes Vito Service. It is for vehicles with overdue maintenance needs or owners who want the ultimate peace of mind before a long trip.

Reasons for carrying out the Eurostar Major Service
mercedes sprinter motorhomes on workshop floor before major service begins

More About The Eurostar Major Service

In addition to Mercedes A and B log book services, there are other maintenance items which are required at certain kilometre intervals or based on condition. For example the replacement of the engine air filter, fan belt, coolant, differential oil and transmission services. The Eurostar Major Service covers everything except for the transmission service (which varies by model, see Automatic here and Manual here).

If you have purchased a vehicle and want to ensure that all maintenance is up to date, or you simply want to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, a Eurostar Major Service paired with a Transmission Service Package will be the best option for your Mercedes Sprinter or Vito.

Our services include parts and fluids that meet or exceed Mercedes-Benz standards. This means these parts are the same as the original parts but come without the Mercedes price tag – saving you money without voiding your warranty.

Mercedes sprinter van lineart with tyres


Mercedes Sprinter 2000 – 2006

Mercedes Vito 2000 – 2004


Mercedes Sprinter 2006 – 2018

Mercedes Vito 2004 – 2015


Mercedes Sprinter 2018 – onwards

Mercedes Vito 2015 – onwards

The Eurostar Major Service Package includes:

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