Mercedes B Service

The Mercedes Service B is the major service in the Mercedes log book.

The Service B Package

Specified by Mercedes-Benz in their Diesel Vans, Cars & SUVs, the Service B is required as the major service. It usually occurs every second service or every second year, depending on how your Mercedes has been driven.

Reasons for carrying out the Service B
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More About The Service B

Mercedes specify A and B log book services. Services alternate between A and B (for example 1st service – A, 2nd service – B, 3rd service – A).

Our services include parts and fluids that meet or exceed Mercedes-Benz standards. This means these parts are the same as the original parts but come without the Mercedes price tag – saving you money without voiding your warranty.

VANS: The Mercedes Vito and Sprinter vans need to be serviced at intervals of between 20,000km and 40,000km depending on model.

CARS & SUVs: Mercedes Diesel Cars and SUVs typically need to be serviced every 15,000km to 25,000km depending on model.

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Mercedes B Service Cost

Our Service B Package is fixed price and customised to your model of Mercedes.


Mercedes Sprinter 2000 – 2006
Mercedes Vito 2000 – 2004


Mercedes Sprinter 2006 – 2018
Mercedes Vito 2004 – 2015


Mercedes Sprinter 2018 – onwards
Mercedes Vito 2015 – onwards


Mercedes Diesel Cars & SUVs
A, B, C, CLA, CLS, E, GL, GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, ML, R, S, X Class

The Mercedes Service B includes:

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