New Vehicle Warranty

New Mercedes vans typically have a 3 to 5 year manufacturer warranty from Mercedes-Benz. Eurostar Diesels service packages are compliant with the Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Warranty as we use Mercedes specification parts, fluid and processes. This is backed up by the ACCC.

The main difference is that our service packages are much cheaper than what you’ll find at a Mercedes-Benz Dealership Service Department. 

Call or book today to enquire about our service packages for your new vehicle.

What's the difference between Eurostar Diesels and a Mercedes Dealership?

The short answer is – the price.

Our qualified technicians pride themselves on their knowledge and attention to detail on Mercedes vans, cars and SUVs that are powered by a diesel engine. 

As a customer, you’ll receive service with a smile, complete transparency, a Digital Inspection Report sent to you while your vehicle is in with us, no sales pitch (we won’t try and sell you anything you won’t need!) and all of this comes with a much cheaper price tag!

With two convenient locations in Melbourne, Victoria, it’s a no-brainer to give us a call and find out how we can help you! Or – fill out the Enquiry form below.

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