Brake Packages for Sprinter and Vito

Brake Replacement Packages

Our brake replacement packages are tailored towards the Mercedes Sprinter and Vito van owner. The packages include brake disc rotors, brake pads, electronic wear sensors and labour.

Reasons For Replacing Your Brakes
brake replacement package in progress on mercedes vito by technician using brake tools

More About Our Brake Packages

Mercedes Vito and Sprinter van owners will usually experience a brake life of 30,000km to 60,000km before replacement of braking components is required. The life will vary depending on the type of van, how it is loaded and whether the van is driven mostly on the highway or in the city.

Mercedes Sprinter and Vito van brake pads when new, are typically 10-12mm thick. They can be used until they wear down to 3mm which is when the electronic wear sensors will illuminate a warning message or brake warning light on your dashboard, indicating that new brakes are required.

The brake disc rotors on Mercedes vehicles are designed to be replaced at the same time as the brake pads. This fast wear characteristic of the brake disc rotors is responsible for the powerful brake performance that Mercedes van drivers expect.

If you are unsure about the condition of your braking system, the good news is that we check both front and rear brakes during any of our A Service, B Service or Major Services and will advise you if new brakes are needed soon. 

Mercedes sprinter van lineart with tyres


Front Brakes

Vito & Sprinter 3-Ton


Rear Brakes

Vito & Sprinter 3-Ton


Front Brakes

Sprinter 4 & 5-Ton


Rear Brakes

Sprinter 4 & 5-Ton

The Brake Package Includes:

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