Our Inspection process

When your vehicle comes in for a service, repair or diagnosis, we follow our Digital Vehicle Inspection and Report Process.

This is done using our Digital Vehicle Inspection software.

The inspection types are tailored to the service or repair type that has been approved for your vehicle. For example, A, B, Major Service, Diagnosis or Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections.

What's included in the Inspection and Report?

Whilst we are inspecting or testing your vehicle, we take photographs and record notes using our tablets and iPads. The auto generated report is then sent to you via SMS or email and allows you to see the condition of your vehicle.


inspection and report displayed digitally on an ipad

Items on the report are sorted into three categories

Our digital vehicle inspections offer our customers unmatched transparency and peace of mind whilst also allowing us greater efficiency and accurate record keeping.

We have a variety of inspection options available that we can discuss with you. Book or call today and we will set up an inspection to suit your needs.

See also Pre-Purchase Inspections and Service Packages.

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