Injector Repairs


Injector Repairs

Mercedes Sprinter and Vito Injector Leak Repair

One of the more common problems we find is diesel injector leaks. When an injector leaks on a Mercedes diesel or other vehicle, un combusted material passes from the combustion chamber into the rocker cover valley. This material is often called “Black Death”. At Eurostar Diesels we are experts in repairing this problem by following a detailed in house developed process:

  • Remove un combusted material using special tools and chemicals.
  • Remove injectors using specialist pullers, including hydraulic for very severe cases.
  • Test injectors.
  • Replace injector sealing surface if required.
  • Machine cylinder head injector sealing surface.
  • Replace injectors using correctly measured sealing washers and hold down bolts to manufacturers torque specifications.
  • Repair or replace injector leak off rail as required.
  • Leak test reinstalled injectors.


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