Glow Plugs

Your Mercedes Diesel has a Glow Plug in each cylinder of the engine and they are required to assist the starting of your Mercedes in cold weather.

The Glow Plug light on your dashboard which will illuminate before startup, indicating the heating phase.

What is a Glow Plug?

A Glow Plug is a heating element that heats the fuel and air within a diesel engine, ensuring quick starting in cold conditions. They are pencil shaped and are installed into the cylinder head of the engine. There is one for each cylinder. There is a control unit which controls when and for how long the glow plugs are heated by electrical current. In a Mercedes Sprinter or Vito, the Glow Plug light will illuminate on the dashboard before starting, indicating the pre-heating phase. If this Glow light continues to illuminate after starting or whilst driving, it is indicative of a fault with the Glow Plugs.

The Glow Plug light stays on after startup

If your Glow light is illuminating after the engine starts, your engine ECU has detected a fault with the glow plugs or control unit. At this stage we recommend that you contact us promptly. We have a variety of diagnostic techniques to locate any faulty glow plugs specifically (for example cylinder No.1 + No.3) or control unit. The sooner that you get your faulty glow plugs replaced, the likelihood of your glow plugs becoming seized or stuck in the engine will be reduced. 

glow plug warning light illuminated on the dashboard of a mercedes vito

Repair Methods for Glow Plugs

 We recommend the removal of faulty glow plugs as soon as your Vito or Sprinter shows the Glow Plug dashboard light after starting. First we will diagnose which glow plugs need replacing and whether the glow plug control unit relay will need replacement. Note that it is often not necessary to replace all 4, 5 or 6 glow plugs at once. Eurostar Diesels will remove the faulty glow plugs and reinstall new glow plugs with anti-seize lubricant. The repair can be completed in less than 3 hours and help your engine run optimally.

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