Glow Plugs


Glow Plugs

In our experience, diesel glow plugs begin to fail in the 80-130,000 Km range. The design of the cylinder head on the twin-cam diesel engine requires that the glow plugs be threaded through long, narrow bores leading to the centre of the combustion chambers. Unfortunately, one or more of the glow plugs will likely be seized in its bore by the time it fails. The only way to remove seized glow plugs is to remove the entire cylinder head and then drill them out using a special fixture, and install steel threaded inserts in the head.

Sprinter Glow Plug

Our alternative is to Remove the glow plugs before 80,000 Kms, clean their bores with the Mercedes-Benz reamer tool, and reinstall them with anti-seize lubricant. The job can be completed in less than 3 hours and will save you thousands down the road if you expect to keep your vehicle for the long haul.


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