Glow Plugs


Glow Plugs

A Glow Plug is essentially a heating element that heats the fuel and air within a diesel engine, combusting the fuel and encouraging the efficient cold or quick starting of a diesel engine. In a Mercedes Sprinter or Vito, the Glow Plug light will illuminate before starting, indicating the pre-heating phase. If this Glow Plug light continues to illuminate after starting or whilst driving, it is indicative of a fault with the Glow Plugs.

Unfortunately, if the Glow Plugs are neglected for long periods, they can become seized in the cylinder head of your engine. The only way to remove seized glow plugs is to remove the entire cylinder head and then drill them out using a special fixture, and install steel threaded inserts in the head. This is a costly exercise, which can easily be prevented with regular maintenance.

Repair Methods for Glow Plugs

Regular maintenance of glow plugs is recommended to ensure optimal running and starting of your Sprinter or Vito. We recommend the removal of the glow plugs as soon as your Vito or Sprinter shows the Glow Plug Warning Light whilst running. Eurostar Diesels will remove the glow plugs, clean the bores with the Mercedes-Benz reamer tool, and reinstall new glow plugs with anti-seize lubricant. The job can be completed in less than 3 hours and will save you thousands down the road if you expect to keep your vehicle for the long haul.


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