Fuel Injector Repairs

Mercedes Fuel Injector Repairs are something we perform every day for our customers.

Leaking fuel injectors is one of the most common problems on Mercedes diesel engines. There are two types of fuel injector leaks on a Mercedes diesel engine and we can repair both easily. 

'Black Death'

The usual type of fuel injector leak is commonly referred to as ‘Black Death’. It refers to the messy carbon buildup that fills the space around the fuel injectors, pipes and wiring. It’s caused by erosion of the tiny copper washers that seal the fuel injectors to the cylinder head. Partially combusted diesel fuel escapes from inside the combustion chamber and sticks to the top of the engine as a black carbon substance.

This problem is most common on Pre-2006 Sprinters and Vitos. The Mercedes fuel injector repair process requires special tools for removing the fuel injectors and grinding the sealing surfaces. The good news is that the fuel injectors can usually be salvaged and reused, which reduces cost.

Symptoms and signs of Black Death

The Process for Mercedes Fuel Injector Repairs

The Other Type of Leak - Fuel Leaks

Diesel fuel leaks can also occur. Unlike the Black Death problem, there will be no carbon but rather a messy diesel leak. It will usually drain towards the rear of the engine and then down to the road. So it’s important to get this fixed urgently if you notice diesel fuel dripping. Diesel leaks can come from the following areas:

Diesel fuel leaks can be repaired by replacing the faulty or cracked part. Contact us today through our online booking enquiry form or by phone if you’re experiencing any of these problems and we’ll be glad to assist.

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