Sprinter & Vito Transmission Servicing

Our transmission service typically includes the following:

  • Drain all old fluid from transmission oil pan.
  • Flush torque converter to remove remaining old fluid.
  • Replace transmission oil filter and oil pan gasket.
  • Refill with Mercedes-Benz transmission fluid.

Recommended every 100-120,000kms.

To book in your Sprinter or Vito Transmission Service and see pricing, visit this page.

Sprinter & Vito Transmission Repairs

At Eurostar Diesels we can repair all Mercedes Sprinter and Vito transmissions including:

  • Manual 5 and 6 speed – Mercedes 711 and 716
  • Automatic 5 and 7 speed – Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9
  • Sprintshift Auto – Mercedes 716

For repairs we use the latest Mercedes diagnostic equipment to identify any problems with your transmission prior to quoting repairs. With modern transmissions, electrical faults in associated components can often be the cause of shifting issues.

We maintain a large inventory of used and reconditioned transmissions.


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