Engine Reconditioning

 As your Sprinter or Vito approaches a higher mileage, you may need to consider Engine Reconditioning.  

We can help. At Eurostar Diesels, we offer Engine Reconditioning and keep a ready supply of reconditioned Mercedes Diesel engines on our shelves. We can replace your faulty engine with minimum downtime and maximum peace of mind.

How Do I Know If My Engine Needs Reconditioning or Replacement?

There are some key signs we look for when assessing an engine. Any one of these symptoms may indicate that an engine replacement is required:

Performance issues, limp mode, warning lights, oil leaks or injector leaks are not normal reasons to consider engine replacement in our opinion. Give us a call if you need any advice on our engine reconditioning services or replacement.

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The Engine Reconditioning Process

Beginning with our reconditioned engines, they are stripped, hot washed, inspected, crack and pressure tested where necessary before machining work commences. All machining is to manufacturers specifications. Moving parts such as the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons are inspected. Any defective parts are replaced. Replacement bearings, piston rings, gaskets and seals are fitted as the engine is assembled. These reconditioned engines are built as a bare long motor which is everything between the valve cover and sump (including cylinder heads, block, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft etc). They are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of fitment in our workshop, ensuring peace of mind.

These reconditioned engines are stored in our workshops. When a customer’s Sprinter or Vito arrives needing a replacement engine, we can remove their damaged engine and install our reconditioned engine, avoiding delays.

Our reconditioned exchange engines are the most cost effective option for owners and the quickest way to get your van back on the road after an engine failure.

rebuilt mercedes sprinter diesel engine on engine crane

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