Manual Transmission and Differential

Manual Transmission and Differential Service Package

Your Sprinter or Vito will require a Manual Transmission and Differential service periodically to ensure a long life. We find that manual transmission and differential fluid typically becomes dark and contaminated after 150,000km.

Reasons for servicing your Manual Transmission or Differential

Is it called a Gearbox or Transmission?

Manual Transmission and Manual Gearboxes are just a different name for the same thing!

What about Axles?

The Axle fluid service and Differential fluid service are the same thing for a Mercedes and both terms can be used.

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More About Servicing Manual Transmissions and Differentials

By having your transmission and differential serviced on time and before any noises or clunks occur, owners often see 500,000km before failure. 

Mercedes specifies that the fluid in manual transmissions and differentials can last up to 300,000km or ten years in between replacement, however we often see that the fluid becomes dark in colour by 150,000km so we use this as our recommended service interval.

If you are unsure about the condition of your manual transmission or differential fluid, the good news is that we check both during any of our A, B or Major services and will advise you if a manual transmission or differential service is required for your Mercedes Vito or Sprinter.

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5 Speed Manual Service

6 Speed Manual Service


Rear Differential Service

The Manual Transmission Or Differential Service Includes:

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