Mercedes Sprinter Complete Guide

Mercedes Sprinter vans are known as the best option in the van market. They are unmatched in longevity, quality and driving comfort. In this guide, we delve into various aspects of the Mercedes Sprinter, providing detailed insights for potential buyers, owners and enthusiasts alike.

Where is the Mercedes Sprinter Built?

The primary manufacturing plants are located in Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, Germany. This is where most of the Australian delivered Sprinters are built.

Additionally, due to its increasing popularity in North America, Mercedes-Benz has also set up a production facility in South Carolina, in the United States. This global manufacturing strategy not only speaks to the Sprinter’s worldwide appeal but also ensures a broad market reach and availability.

Who Makes Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines?

Mercedes-Benz manufactures the diesel engines for the Sprinter. Known for their engineering excellence, these engines are designed with efficiency and durability in mind.

The Mercedes-Benz OM651 diesel engine, for instance, is the most common engine in the Sprinter, known for its balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

How Long Will a Mercedes-Sprinter Engine Last?

400,000km to 500,000km is the average life of a Sprinter Diesel engine.

However, with meticulous maintenance and responsible driving habits, the lifespan can extend significantly, reinforcing the Sprinter’s reputation for endurance.

Read about Engine Reconditioning here.

inspecting the engine compartment and filter of a mercedes sprinter
mercede diesel engine in eurostar diesels repair workshop

Is It Worth It to Buy a Sprinter Van?

Purchasing a Sprinter van is often considered a wise investment, especially for commercial use or as a Camper/Motorhome/RV.

The versatility, reliability, and fuel efficiency make Sprinters an excellent choice for businesses requiring cargo or passenger transport. Additionally, its robust build quality ensures it remains a dependable asset for many years.

Read more about Pre-Purchase Inspections here.

Do Sprinter Vans Hold Their Value?

Yes, Sprinter vans are known for their excellent resale value. Thanks to their durability, longevity, and strong brand reputation, they maintain a higher resale value compared to many other vans in their class. This aspect makes them a financially sound choice in the long term.

Why The Mercedes Sprinter is Better Than The Ford Transit

Compared to the Ford Transit, the Sprinter often edges out with superior build quality, more advanced technology features, and better fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the Sprinter’s global parts availability ensures easier maintenance and servicing.

Which Sprinter is Better, Petrol/Gasoline or Diesel?

Diesel engines offer better fuel efficiency and typically longer lifespans, making them suitable for long-distance and heavy-duty usage.

In Australia, Sprinters are offered with Diesel engines only. (Until the Electric models arrive).

Petrol or Gasoline engines are typically smoother and more powerful. They might be preferable for lighter use and where diesel fuel is less accessible.

sprinter 4x4 camper van
Mercedes Van Major Service

Is the Mercedes Sprinter Reliable?

The Mercedes Sprinter is known for its reliability. It is designed with commercial use in mind, meaning it can handle heavy loads and challenging conditions.

Regular maintenance and servicing further enhance its reliability. Read about Sprinter Servicing here.

Are Diesel Sprinter Vans Reliable?

Diesel Sprinter vans are highly reliable, especially for high-mileage and heavy-duty applications. The diesel engines used in these vans are built to Mercedes-Benz’s stringent standards, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

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Is the Mercedes Sprinter Engine Reliable?

Yes, the Mercedes Sprinter diesel engines, are known for reliability. These engines are detuned in comparison to their Mercedes passenger car variants, making them durable and long lasting.

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