Pre-Purchase Inspections

When you’re looking to purchase a used Mercedes, Pre-Purchase inspections are crucial.

You need to know whether there is overdue maintenance, performance issues, leaks, or problems developing that may leave you stranded. We’re experts at maintaining Mercedes Sprinters, Vitos, Cars and SUVs, so we can give you expert advice on choosing the right vehicle for your needs and budget.

The Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspections

We can give you a clear picture of the vehicle’s overall condition and point out any specific issues that will need to be addressed. The two most obvious benefits to you are:

  • We can protect you from purchasing a misrepresented vehicle with hidden problems and/or requiring expensive repairs.
  • We provide you with knowledge that will help you negotiate a sensible price with the seller.
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What's involved?

On average our complete road test, inspection and report of the vehicle will take on average about two hours. During this time we will also consult with you to discuss our findings or answer any questions you may have. The standard Pre-Purchase inspection costs $200. Beyond the standard inspection described above, we can investigate specific items in greater detail if needed.

Contact us today via phone or our easy booking enquiry form below. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about purchasing your next Mercedes van.

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What arrangements do I need to make with the seller?

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections are carried out at either our Hallam or Sunshine West workshops. You need to kindly ask the seller of the vehicle if either yourself or the seller can drive the vehicle to us for the inspection. Our inspections typically take two hours but you can also leave the vehicle with us for the day if that is convenient for you.

Make sure that the vehicle is insured before you drive it and that the suitable registration permit is purchased from VicRoads if the vehicle is unregistered. Call us if you have any questions or need some advice. We’re happy to help!

Ipad inspection at eurostar diesels

What do you usually find in the Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

The condition of the Mercedes Sprinters, Vitos, Cars and SUV’s that we see varies greatly. Have a read through our Common Problems page to see some of the regular maintenance items. The key thing to remember here is that no used vehicle is in perfect condition.

Every vehicle is going to have defects or maintenance needs of some. However, we’re realists and the real value we offer here, is our ability to advise you on what is serious and what is normal. We can advise you on what repairs or discounts you should negotiate with the seller of the vehicle. We can help you decide on what repairs need to be completed in the short term and what can be postponed.

We look forward to helping you choose your next Mercedes!

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