9G - Tronic Automatic Transmission Service

9G - Tronic Automatic Transmission Service

The 9G Tronic transmission in Mercedes cars should be serviced at an interval of no more than 120,000km. These services ensure a long life and optimal performance from your 9 speed automatic transmission.

Reasons For Carrying Out A 9G - Tronic Transmission Service
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More About 9G - Tronic Transmission Services

By having your transmission serviced on time and before any poor running symptoms occur, owners often see their transmissions reach 500,000km before failure. 

For transmissions that are showing signs of poor shifting or vibration, you may get a performance improvement with a transmission service. So it’s worth performing a service before considering transmission replacement or rebuild.

Automatic transmission fluid degrades over time due to heat and the filter becomes filled with metal contaminants and solids. An automatic transmission service replaces the old fluid in both the transmission and torque converter, plus the internal filter and sump seals. The filter design of the 9G transmission is unique because the filter is built into the plastic sump pan. This complete unit requires replacement during the service.

120,000km is the standard maximum interval between transmission services in Mercedes 9G transmissions, but owners of vehicles that are heavily loaded or used for towing should choose to have their transmission service done at 80,000km.

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The 9G - Tronic Automatic Transmission Service Includes:

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