Transmission Repair & Gearbox Maintenance

Mercedes Automatic Transmissions and Manual Gearboxes are renowned for being smooth and quiet. If your Sprinter or Vito isn’t changing gears as well as it once did, then an automatic transmission repair or manual gearbox repair may be necessary. 

If you’d like to learn more about transmission repairs for your Mercedes van, car or SUV, or if you are curious about Automatic Transmission Services or Manual Gearbox Services, read on.

You’ll also find info on our Reconditioned Transmissions.

Symptoms of a Faulty Automatic Transmission

Symptoms of a faulty Manual Transmission or Gearbox

We are experts in transmission repairs for these Mercedes Transmissions and Gearboxes:

Common Transmission Repairs and Gearbox Repairs

We use the latest Mercedes diagnostic equipment to identify any problems with your transmission prior to quoting repairs. In Mercedes transmissions, electrical faults in associated components can often be the cause of shifting issues.

The most common Transmission and Gearbox repairs required for Sprinter and Vito vans are: 

Transmission Repair on Mercedes Benz Transmission

Reconditioned Automatic Transmissions

We keep a ready stock of reconditioned Mercedes 5-Speed transmissions at all times. The popular models we keep are 722.682, 722.684 and 722.686. The 722.9 7-Speed can be reconditioned upon request.

These are available for fitting in our workshops. Please contact our Hallam (03 8795 7997) or Sunshine West (03 9088 8980) workshops for more information.

Transmission Services

Prevention is the best cure. By having regular services done to your automatic transmission or manual gearbox, you can expect 500,000km out of your Mercedes transmission or gearbox before replacement or serious repair is required.

For more information on service prices, intervals and requirements, see Automatic Transmission Services and Manual Gearbox Services.

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