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Eurostar Diesels is specially equipped for Motorhomes, Camper vans and RVs.

Our two workshops have large 6 Ton hoists and high clearance ceilings. It allows us to work on the largest motorhomes with ease. 

Our extensive knowledge of Mercedes Sprinters makes us the ideal repairer of motorhomes, campers or RVs based on the Mercedes platform.

Why Sprinters are the Best Motorhome

Mercedes Sprinter vans are simply the best vehicle for a motorhome or camper conversion in our opinion. Travelling and camping in Australia for most people means hours spent driving on highways and country roads. This is where the Sprinter excels. The car-like handling, engine power, smoothness and fuel economy make long distance trips in Sprinters a joy. Some of our customers regularly see diesel fuel consumption of less than 10L/100km in their Sprinter campers. The Sprinter is the best built and longest lasting van of its size available. If you’re planning a lap around Australia, the long service interval of a w906 Sprinter (30,000km) and a w907 Sprinter (40,000km) will allow you to avoid servicing in remote areas.

What about the Vito?

The smaller Mercedes Vito is also a great candidate for a camper conversion. The Vito vans utilise a similar engine and driveline to the Sprinters. This means that combined with the more compact and lighter van body, the Vito handles even better, accelerates faster and uses less fuel. Highway fuel consumption can be 6 to 8L/100km for the 4 cylinder diesel models. The purchase price of Vito vans is lower compared to Sprinters. Mercedes also offers a factory-built camper option called the Marco Polo. It has a pop-top roof and allows sleeping for 4 people. These are rare in Australia and well sought after.

What Maintenance Does my Motorhome require?

The good news is that Mercedes Vito and Sprinter vans are heavy duty commercial vehicles that are designed for heavy loads and long distances, which makes them perfect for motorhome duties. Most Mercedes motorhome owners can follow the standard A and B Service schedule. If you have recently purchased a motorhome and want to take care of it, we always recommend a Major Service and a Transmission Service. If your Sprinter motorhome is heavily loaded or has a large body, it may require more frequent Suspension maintenance. We’re very familiar with the common suspension wear items and can advise you on suspension requirements during your Service or Pre-Purchase inspection. The main thing to remember is that you should have your Mercedes camper van serviced every year, even if you aren’t doing many kilometres. The engine oil absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and should be replaced every 12 months to avoid internal engine corrosion. Not to mention the vehicle inspection and report from our A, B & Major services will provide you with the peace of mind you need before a long trip.
mercedes sprinter motorhomes on workshop floor before major service begins

Thinking of Buying a Motorhome?

If you are in the market for a Mercedes Motorhome, give us a quick call. We can help you decide on the best model for you. When you have found a motorhome or camper that you like, book in our Pre-Purchase Inspection and then RoadworthyIf you have recently purchased a Mercedes Motorhome, we are happy to walk you through the operation of your new Sprinter or Vito Motorhome.

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