Brake Repairs for Sprinter and Vito, plus Mercedes diesel cars and SUVs is what we do every day.

We keep stock of brake pads and brake discs for all Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter vans ensuring quick turnaround.

We can diagnose and repair any brake problem or simply perform one of our Brake Replacement packages in a matter of hours.

Mercedes Brakes are some of the best

The brakes on your Sprinter or Vito will offer you very smooth and powerful braking performance when they are well maintained. Mercedes brakes feature thick brake pads and discs made of soft compounds, which gives the characteristic soft and powerful pedal feel in all temperatures. The electronic brake wear sensors fitted to the brake pads ensure that you won’t be caught with insufficient brake material or stopping power.

There should be no noises, squealing or vibration from the brakes. The park brake should hold the vehicle safely on most roads. If your Vito or Sprinter brakes aren’t giving the performance you deserve, we’re the experts you need.

If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help you:

Our repair methods include:

eurostar diesels technician holding brake components for a mercedes

Brake Caliper Repairs for Mercedes Sprinter and Vito

In addition to requiring routine brake replacement packages, we find the Mercedes vans can experience problems with uneven brake wear. Often this is due to the brake calipers becoming stiff or seized. We are able to identify this problem easily and stock the required repair kits to repair the brake calipers on your Mercedes Sprinter or Vito van. Repairs can be made easily whilst the brake pad, disc, and sensors are replaced.

What is the cost of Brake Replacement on my Sprinter or Vito?

For more information and pricing on brakes for your Vito or Sprinter, visit our Brake Replacement Packages page

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