Sprinter and Vito Electrical Repairs

Sprinter and Vito Electrical Repairs are part of our complete offering to Mercedes Van Owners. Modern Mercedes vans have complex electrical systems, however our specialised technicians are able to pinpoint problems quickly, resulting in the best possible solution for the customer in terms of cost and vehicle down time.

We use Mercedes diagnostic software plus a wide variety of electrical test equipment to help fault find and re-calibrate electronic components. 

Some of the Sprinter and Vito Electrical Repairs we offer:

Engine Management Systems

This system includes the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is responsible for monitoring the engine’s performance and making necessary adjustments to maintain optimal operation. This system also includes engine sensors such as oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors. Electrical control devices like solenoids, actuators, and relays are also part of this system..

Charging and Battery Systems

The battery is responsible for starting the engine and providing power to the vehicle’s electrical systems. The charging system, which includes the alternator and voltage regulator, maintains the battery’s charge and ensures that it is ready to start the engine when needed. We can test the battery and charging system to identify any issues, replace the battery or alternator if necessary, and ensure that the system is charging properly.

EIS, ESL and Key Systems

EIS  and ESL (Electrical Steering Lock) Repairs and Programming. The EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) is responsible for reading the key, controlling the vehicle’s ignition system and starting the engine. The ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) is responsible for locking and unlocking the steering column as an anti-theft measure. Repairs to these systems may include replacing faulty components or programming new keys.

ABS and ESP Systems

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps prevent the wheels from locking up during hard braking, improving vehicle control and stability. The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) system helps to improve vehicle stability and prevent skidding by applying individual brakes and reducing engine power when it detects a loss of control. Repairs to these systems may include replacing faulty sensors or hydraulic components.

SAM Unit Faults

The SAM (Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module) unit is responsible for controlling various electrical systems in the vehicle, including lighting, wipers, and the horn. Faults in this system may require replacement of the unit or reprogramming.

Body Electrical Components

This includes various electrical systems throughout the vehicle, such as lighting, immobiliser systems, electric windows, and mirrors. Repairs to these components may include replacing faulty wiring, switches, or motors.

electrical repairs being performed on a mercedes sprinter or vito at eurostar diesels

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There’s many different warning lights that can occur on you Mercedes Sprinter or Vito. Luckily wee know them all and can diagnose then repair the issue for you. Contact us or make a booking today!

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