Interior of a mercedes diesel GLE showing gear selector level before the 9g tronic automatic transmission service takes place

Why Service a Mercedes Automatic Transmission?

“Why Service a Mercedes Automatic Transmission?” is a common question that Mercedes vehicle owners often ask. When it comes to routine maintenance, many people think of getting an A Service or B Service, but one critical component that is often overlooked is the automatic transmission service. Believe it or not, servicing your Mercedes Van, Car, or SUV’s automatic transmission is essential to prevent issues like slow shifting, hesitation, or gear slipping.

Mercedes recommends every 4th service or no later than 120,000km, but if you are putting your Mercedes Sprinter or Vito to heavy use then the team at Eurostar recommend a service no later than 80,000km of use.

This doesn’t just apply to Mercedes Vans though, as an Automatic Transmission Service on your Mercedes Car or SUV is also a must – and intervals will depend depending on your model year and vehicle type.

Mercedes 722.6 5 Speed automatic transmission service in progress by Eurostar Diesels
Transmission Service in progress on a Mercedes 722.6 5 Speed

Why does a transmission need a service in the first place?

This is due to fact that automatic transmission fluid degrades over time due to fluctuations in heat, and the filter becomes filled with metal contaminants and solids. An automatic transmission service done by Eurostar Diesels replaces the old fluid in both the transmission and torque converter, plus the internal filter and sump seals.

By having your automatic transmission fluid changed or serviced in your Mercedes on time, and before any issues occur, we will frequently see a Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission last to 500,000km or more before the need to replace or overhaul.

Signs that an automatic transmission needs a service.

So, what are the signs of an automatic transmission that needs servicing? Usually slow shifting, a hesitation on downshift or upshift or the feeling of a gear “slipping” in your automatic transmission are all symptoms of the need for a service.

An automatic transmission in any Mercedes-Benz is designed for smooth and purposeful operation, therefore if you find that yours isn’t quite what you would expect from Mercedes, it would be best to get in touch!

We have a dedicated page for Automatic Transmission Services on your Mercedes Benz Vito, Sprinter van, cars and SUVs that can be found here. We are also equipped to do an Automatic Transmission Service on a Mercedes 9G Tronic Automatic Transmission found in many Mercedes SUVs and Cars.

You can book in directly from that page, do a Live Chat on our website or give us a call to book in!

We look forward to keeping your Auto Transmission in top working order.