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6 Compelling Benefits of Using OEM Parts in Mercedes Engines  

When it comes to maintaining your ­Mercedes-Benz, you don’t want to settle for parts and accessories that will compromise the overall quality and performance of your prized vehicle. Bespoke OEM parts offer an array of benefits that counterfeit or other aftermarket options simply cannot match. 

While it is tempting to save money by choosing cheap Mercedes replacement parts, cutting corners can have dire consequences for your wallet and vehicle. Ensure your vehicle stays at its best by using only OEM parts that Mercedes approves.

At Eurostar Diesels, we only use OEM parts made from industry-grade materials that are equivalent in quality as genuine Mercedes parts, but at an affordable cost. These OEMs are specifically designed for Mercedes vehicles such as the Vito Van and Sprinter. This allows us to provide excellent auto maintenance service without compromising the quality of the parts and accessories we use.

Here are six compelling reasons to convince you to ditch these dime-a-dozen substitutes and focus on reliable ones instead.

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to a company that makes parts or products sold as end products of another company. OEMs are popular in the automotive and IT industries. Automakers outsource these OEM products by selling them as their own under their name or logo.  

For example, Mercedes-Benz might need brake cylinders for the new car they are building. A third-party OEM company can develop brake cylinders and sell it to Mercedes to assemble the car. Mercedes will then market and sell the completed car to automotive dealers, which are then sold to individual customers.

However, OEMs may also sell these vehicle parts directly to the general public. So, individuals may buy these OEM parts directly from the manufacturer or auto retailers who stockpile them for vehicle repairs and remanufacturing process.

Vehicle manufacturers may choose to take the OEM route because these parts are made with high-quality materials and customized according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, automakers may not have the manpower and capacity to build every single part of their finished product. Thus, they outsource the production to an OEM factory. It frees them from having to build their own factory or storage space which could derail production time and increase prices.

Are OEM parts the same as the original?

Every part of a brand-new vehicle that a factory produce is original. So, if any parts are replaced, these replacements are no longer considered as original parts. However, OEM parts are considered as original  since they are built from the same materials and standards set by the original manufacturer. 

Buyers may choose OEMs over its aftermarket alternatives for better quality and consistency—they are designed to perform and conform to the original factory specifications which will extend the operational life of a vehicle. OEMs are not like or similar to the original. Hence, this eliminates any instances of wear-and-tear associated with aftermarket parts.

Peace of Mind: 6 Benefits of Using OEM Parts

Perfect Fit and Compatibility

Mercedes-Benz OEM parts are specially engineered for Mercedes vehicles, ensuring a seamless fit and compatibility with its sophisticated system. Its precision fit is essential to preserve the vehicle’s structural integrity, prevent part mismatches, and keep the vehicle in great shape. Since the Mercedes-Benz parts fit seamlessly, you don’t need to pay for extra labour and time specifically when retrofitting these parts and accessories.

Unparalleled Quality

OEMs are designed according to the standards set by the original manufacturer. This guarantees excellence in design, safety, and performance. They also undergo strict testing and evaluation before they exit the factory. Additionally, the OEM parts are crafted with keen attention to detail, incorporating the same “brand new” or “better than new” feel and experience as the original part.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

OEM parts are covered under the Original Equipment Manufacturer warranties to safeguard users from unplanned expenses due to malfunction and failure. The OEM parts warranty is the manufacturer’s guarantee that they will perform as intended and will be replaced efficiently and quickly at no cost to the customer. These warranties may differ in length and coverage, but overall, they will provide users with peace of mind and protection against possible repairs down the line.

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Safeguard Performance and Safety

Choosing OEM parts mean that you are prioritizing your Mercedes vehicle’s performance and safety. Your vehicle will continue to operate at its optimum level, eliminating any risks of safety hazards and malfunctions.

Preserving Resale Value

There’s no doubt that Mercedes-Benz is a symbol of prestige and elite craftsmanship. Hence, maintaining its value is essential—whether you want to continue enjoying it for personal use or resell in the future. By choosing only OEM parts, you are increasing its value and reliability. When it’s time to sell or trade in, it will be more marketable to future buyers because of the knowledge that you’re using high-quality parts.

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Long-term Longevity and Reliability

OEM parts custom-built for Mercedes vehicles are highly recommended because they meet the rigorous standards set by Mercedes-Benz. They are built with premium materials, offering exceptional durability and reliability. In the case of accidents or collisions, Mercedes OEM parts can support the vehicle to sustain its structural integrity.

On the other hand, cheap aftermarket options are often manufactured with inferior materials and fall short of precision engineering common among their original counterparts. Thus, they are prone to frequent breakdowns, weak performance, and premature wear.

Insist on Using OEM Parts for your Mercedes Vehicle

In conclusion, people own a Mercedes-Benz because they value the prestige and quality the brand stands for. Using OEM parts will guarantee continued optimal performance and achieve a better resale value in the future. Durable, easy to install, and engineered with the highest-quality materials, Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are specifically crafted for a precise fit and finish.

If you need a Mercedes specialist to custom-fit OEM parts and accessories to your Mercedes vehicle, our EuroStar Diesels team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

We offer hassle-free diagnostics, repairs, and installations of original parts and accessories tailored for Mercedes vans and SUVs. Visit us at our Melbourne locations or book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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